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Remember that tomorrow is Another Day of Life

Remember that tomorrow is Another Day of Life I am just about ready to pull the plug and begin the process of defining the future for this site, and is some ways myself.  Defining the future for the site may actually prove easier than defining my own future, but in some ways I am very […]

Small Wonder TV Show Intro

good education, be artificial or otherwise, but take a look at kids today after seeing shows like tinky winky & frigging lala,!! yes give that one some thought, the technology back then was NOT as it is today, “look” we have cars, i-phones & X-boxes that talk! if the techno was there then like it is now, it would be quite an educating programme, bring it back now and it will be a winner. i’de rather see children walking around acting like vicky the robot than an assassin creed!!!!. seasa1000 2 months ago