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How to Mitigate Single Parent Financial Obstacles

Today’s post is a guest post from Arlene Chandler who writes for the Suncorp Life Insurance Website. How to Mitigate Single Parent Financial Obstacles Being a married or de facto relationship parent is already difficult. When someone is forced or chooses to be a single parent, it adds a whole new dimension to the financial aspects […]

Remember that tomorrow is Another Day of Life

Remember that tomorrow is Another Day of Life I am just about ready to pull the plug and begin the process of defining the future for this site, and is some ways myself.  Defining the future for the site may actually prove easier than defining my own future, but in some ways I am very […]

Housecleaning at Another Day of Life

I am going to be doing a bit of housecleaning, redesigning, and rethinking about Another Day of Life, to decide on the current structure, state, and honest future for the site. I am considering asking for some more long term contributors who may be willing to help this site become more profitable and valuable to […]

I think I get it now

Do you remember the TV show Reba? One of the the common gags centered around her ex husband Brock’s midlife crisis. I never really understood midlife crises, I never really understood how they work reason why anybody had them. Finally as I approach the big 40 I think I finally get it. No I’m not […]

Way Back Wednesday for 10/10/12-These Defunct Retailers

Woolco, Jamesway and Caldor, who were these defunct Retailers? Today we have Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Amazon, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, BJ’s and Buy.com, and a list that seems endless. If I tried to stop and name them all the list would probably go on and on forever.  There are just too many today to choose from.  Choice […]

Way Back Wednesday for October 3, 2012- Rooty Tooty, Feel Good, Your Way Food

Have we become a Fast Food Nation? Let’s face it we all love food.  Food is food, and we love it, good, and we love it fast.  But if we top to think about it even today’s fast food has become faster.  I remember being a child of the 70′s and 80′s and yeah fast food was […]