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I am a Dad, and Husband. The most important and difficult jobs I will ever have. I have three great boys all in three separate stages of life, one entering the world of adulthood, one entering the world, of teenage years, and one entering the work of Kindergarten. Life is never boring.

Starting Over, Again

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Life for me has felt like and endless loop of getting ahead, and falling behind, picking up, and starting over.  Here I am now at 41, and I feel like I am starting over yet again.  The hard part is this time it’s hard for me to feel hopeful and inspirational about it.

Life for me in my late 20’s and early 30’s was probably the easiest.  Money was not an issue, if I wanted something I bought it, a car, electronics, it was easy.  I had a good job, and good income, and little overhead.  It was just that, my I time.  Then I had kids, a wife, and long somewhat protracted battle that cost me tens of thousands of dollars.  All of which was worth it, but some of which I look back now and wish I had handled differently, as there are aspects of that period that I could have handled much more wisely financially.  Today money isn’t easy it’s tight, and I am still recovering from those poor decisions, and while I may see a light at the end of the tunnel, it often feels like the tunnel is incredibly long,

I have fought the good fight, got one child out of high school and into his freshman year of college, one ready for high school, and one, the one we planned to be the baby, in his path of public education.  Now at 41, life has thrown me a curveball, with the arrival of another bundle of joy in just five weeks.

I am excited, don’t get me wrong,  I can wait to meet what will be our 4th boy.  I am blessed, and I will never forget that.  So many lately have made me realize how blessed I am by that.  It’s the rest of it I want to see well.

At 41, I thought I would be further than where I am in my career.  I work for a wonderful company, with superb benefits, and great perks and I absolutely love the people I work with.  I’ve been here 11 years. I just feel like I would like more of a challenge, more growth.

As a family we live in a nice area, with lower unemployment, but also not our dream location, we have for many years wanted to relocate, and with each passing year it often seems as though that dream moves further away.

When My kids a sick, I get to wrestle in my sleep.

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©2014 Ian Kobler

Now, if you have read along, or followed along for any period of time, you know that I have 3, er, 3.5, well let’s just say “almost” 4 boys ranging in ages from ages 19, 15, 5, and soon to be. My house can often times are a bit like a circus act and within that act, we deal with our share of illnesses, and sicknesses and such.

I think boys overall make pretty bad sick people. So do most men of that matter. Most men always had Mom to care for them when they were sick, and give them their soup or cuddles, or whatever it is they really needed. I try to believe I am more of a brave and stoic sick person, but who knows I might just be a whiny little B–ch myself.

Anyway, as luck would have it our five year old LOVES to get himself sick when of course it’s just about time to go back to school. So with the really awesome weather, (snow, rain sleet, and more snow), they have pretty much been off from school for a week, and I think everyone is ready for them to go back.

Yet it never fails, today is a holiday tomorrow is the first school day and my youngest at 5 this home sick. But of course last night we realized he was getting sick with the familiar sniffling sounds and the coughing and hacking and the mommy I feel hot. So after some temperature taking climbed into our bed and we tried to settle down knowing that once he was asleep I would carry in peacefully to his room. However all through the night that didn’t happen, as it turned more into wrestling match is my wife and I were kicked in the head punched and retreated to the sound of snoring sniffling and coughing and the occasional shoot straight up in the bed and the I’m thirsty.

There were attempts to carry him to his room and his own bed, but I was met cries of “No Daddy, no!” at which point I knew that resistance was futile and he was put back into the “King Bed”, where we slept in the most uncomfortable position of all, and enjoyed the random face kick and head punch throughout the night.

So I wrestled on working to maintinan a small sliver of sleeping space vs. a 5 year old as opposed to getting my beauty rest, which I need quite a bit of by the way, but in those moments I also think about my job as “Dad”.

I don’t think I would trade it for second I love my kids more than anything in the whole wide world.  I often wonder if I’m doing the best I can,  and wonder what I could do that might be different.  I wonder if I’m doing enough, and I worry that I might be doing too much.

I just wish our kids could have it as easy as we did, but they never will, the world has changed.  I just hope I’ve changed enough to keep up with it.




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Upgrades and Mustgrades

 Upgrades and Mustgrades

Upgrade In Progress

Part of the thing to remember anytime you maintain a website, or any type of web medium like this is that you have to be able to change with the time, and keep moving forward.  For ADOL, it’s that time for both the back end, as well as the front end.

I have been a “Dad Blogger” since 2007, and during that time have stopped and started ADOL serveral times, and actualyl though about shutting it down a few.  ut non of that ever seemed right.  I decided to go with guest posting, but in many ways guest posting is on it’s way out the door.  It’s a process that has been overused, and Google, has caught on a begun to punish for it.

So I decided to stop guest posting for now, but look in a different direction.  Contributing Authors.  With sizes like Buzzfeed, and many of the ig guys out there stealing away the audiences today  a lonely Dad log can be a hard thing to maintain.  And there are probably Dad’s, (or Mom’s) with things to share, that don’t want to maintain a log all on their own.

More on that coming soon!