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Welcome to Another Day of Life, or ADOL, or the site, or just here.  This site is devoted to the art of parenting more specifically my life as a Dad.

First things first, if you are looking at me for advise on effective ways to parent, and then you have most likely come to the WRONG place.  I am most assuredly the absolute wrong person to give out any real parenting advice of real value.  I have however raised at least one of my children to “almost” adulthood without him being institutionalized, so I am at least 1 for 3.

So know I am an expert in nothing, I do however recommend, parenting with honesty, a thick skin, and a Sports Cup (yeah that helps!).



ADOL Rules for Survival

Surviving in the world today, let alone when you have kids.  Here are our handy dandy tips for surviving the world of being a parent, err, well just surviving.

Blah, Blah, Blah

When I hear the lips moving and no words coming out. Come on guys, don’ t ell me you never see you wife talking but can’t hear what she is saying.

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Pictures, you know Photos, need I explain more?

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After all they are smarter than me.


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Cause life is cool


How to try and not ruin your children’s lives

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