Taking it Home, A Lesson in Parenting (Part II of a Series)

By | February 26, 2013

For all parents life can be a balancing act.  We have to balance work, family activities, finances, and the needs and wants of our children, while trying to maintain sanity in out own lives.  Sometimes the scales can tip in one direction or another that can throw off the balance, and the hard part is to make sure that the parenting and the most important job we have as parents doesn’t suffer.

Sometimes we as parents have to stop and asses where we are, and what we are doing both in our mental state, as well at other aspects of our lives.  Our primary role as a parent is that we need to provide for the needs of our children before we provide for the wants of ourselves.  Sometimes though if we stop listenting to ourselves for too long, and label everything in our lives a ‘”want” we realize that we have moved down a path, and that something should have been a need.

There are several aspects of my life, being career, and finances that I have been putting off to the side as wants. I made sure that I was always raedy to put on my cape and make sure that my kids were OK, and that their needs were being met.

The problem was I never stopped to truly be honest about some of my “wants”, and explore them enough to determine if they were needs.  My kids need me to be home, and to come home after work to be with them happy and “there”.  Without a career change, and a change in income, I come home none of those things.  So not only was I not really being honest in that I wasn’t correclty labeling my “wants” as “needs”, I really am not meeting their needs either.

So a parenting lesson I learned…..

Sometimes I I put something I need on the front burner it actually helps my kids in the long run…

“Note…I actually love the company I work for, I am just very much in need of a new challenge as I have been prmoted as far as I can go, unless someone else leaves or retires, and after 10+ years I need to move my mind and career forward”


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