The Fine line of Dad Discipline

By | February 21, 2013

One area my wife and I can often not see eye to eye on is in the area of discipline.  She is much more often the “softy” than I.  I have a buddy with two girls, who says that in his house it’s just the opposite.  Yet in ours, a house of three boys, and me having graduated from “boyhood” I often know many of the tricks and the trades of how to play the game.

Don’t want to unload the dishwasher?  Put everything in the wrong place, and eventually Mom will just do it herself.

Don’t want to wipe down you own bathroom counters?  Do a really piss poor job, and someone else will do it.

The biggest trick, don’t let Dad catch you, because he knows that trick. My High School Senior has figured that part out. but our middle teenager is struggling with that lesson.  He can be as stubborn as I am, which can be kind of like throwing a lit match on the fire, especially when he and I are not in agreement, and he misunderstands that he has an equal vote.

He has become an Xbox junkie lately. Now I am not overly concerned, as my oldest is also a gamer, but he also maintains grades, duties around the house etc.  A balance.  An when he and I disagree he will pretty quickly back off, which in turn cools me down which prevents any unnecessary escalation.

Middle Teen, pushes, needles, taunts.  Then usually it explodes, and he suddenly is over grounded, and I ended up in a discussion with my wife about going to far.  So I have been learning to walk the fine line.

So I digress, our middle boy has become the Xbox junkie, playing a certain game both online and off, almost now to the expense of everything else. Is Chores are not getting done, and it is now coming to expenses school work.

Of course last night when I brought this to his attention, it quickly started to become a war. So I was proud of myself rather than lose control I walked away from the situation and decided to think it through. My first instinct would be to take my xbox TV freedom friends everything until I saw the grades in the attitude around the house improvement, but I realized this might be going too far.

So in the end he will be offline for awhile, will have limited use of his xbox, and his social activities will be curtailed a bit until the grades improve.

How do you walk the line?