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By | February 18, 2013

I was able to get most of the site update completed “Ahead of Schedule”, as far as the layout, and most of the theme changes.  I’m not 100% satisifed, but then again, I never am.  So, Welcom to the all new “Another Day of Life”. 

I still have a bit of work to do as far a content streams, and work on the home page, etc, and I really want to incorporate some galleries, and more robust content.  I also plan to work on a better header, but need to do a bit of custom coding, and that actually got held up as the computer I had some of the custom files on went and got a virus, which ened up resulting in a hard drive nuke.  This meant bye bye files….

I did get the Facebook fan page updated so please take a look over to the right and give us a like, and share with your friends.  It’s always nice to be liked.

I will also be doing some update on the ad networks, how ads work on the site, and the overall speed as far as loading and other areas.  But since the site was up to a good point I didin’t want to just let it sit.

So welcome back, or just welcome,

See you back soon!

photo credit: Flying Jenny via photopin cc

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I am a Dad, and Husband. The most important and difficult jobs I will ever have. I have three great boys all in three separate stages of life, one entering the world of adulthood, one entering the world, of teenage years, and one entering the work of Kindergarten. Life is never boring.

  • joel

    This post reminds me think that websites are a in a never ending proces of evolution. Congrats on taking that next step!

    • ADOL

      I could probably make this a work in progress forever. I’m very hard to satisfy.