Remember that tomorrow is Another Day of Life

By | February 6, 2013

Remember that tomorrow is Another Day of Life

I am just about ready to pull the plug and begin the process of defining the future for this site, and is some ways myself.  Defining the future for the site may actually prove easier than defining my own future, but in some ways I am very excited about it. There are a lot of things that have to change in both my life and the site, and is some areas one may be easier than the other.  So here are some basics for both.

My Life

  1. Gain financial security and pay off debt.
  2. Gain Control over Spending.
  3. Increase my household imcome.
  4. Establish an Emergency Fund.
  5. Prepare my childrens education funds.
  6. Purchase two reliable vehicles.
  7. Put away money to relocate at some point and purchase a home.

And  for Another Day of Life

  1. Implement a fuunctional and effective design.
  2. Implement a more rubust and valuable posting schedule.
  3. Attract, and utilize contributing Authors.
  4. Monitize, and pay out commisions (should the site become profitable)
  5. Develop a long term strategy to maintain or sell.

# 5 is on the list only in the event that I just get to a point that I realize I just can’t maintain anymore.  One time will tell those anwers.  Blogging as a whole has evolved signifigantly, and so has montizing a blog.  It used to be you could pretty much slap up any old page, and voila, you had sales, but Google caught on so the simplicity isn’t quite there any more.  So it’s going to take some deepere thought.

As a follow up, I owe a few people some emails, and please bear with me, they are coming.  I’ll give this post a few days to settle, then you’ll see the under construction page.  My guess will be by Monday February the 11th.

Until then, remember that tomorrow is, Another Dat of Life.