I think I get it now

By | January 16, 2013

Do you remember the TV show Reba? One of the the common gags centered around her ex husband Brock’s midlife crisis.

I never really understood midlife crises, I never really understood how they work reason why anybody had them. Finally as I approach the big 40 I think I finally get it.

No I’m not going to buy Corvette, or leave my wife and kids but I find myself thinking a lot that my life is not where I thought it would be. Financially I was better off at 30 then where I am today, and in my career I feel like I am stalled.

Truthfully, I feel like my life is stalled in many ways. I often feel stuck, and just like I’m going through the motions. For example this blog, has been stuck in many ways for a long time and I often struggle with what to do with it.

I don’t own the home I thought I would, drive the car I thought I would be driving now, or even have the relationship with my wife and children that I thought I would have. And I just feel like I’m at a total loss how to achieve those things that I really want.

So with that being said, I think I finally understand what a midlife crisis is and I think I’m finally starting to have mine so welcome midlife crisis,welcome to my world.