Healing the mind and the heart

By | December 17, 2012
Sand hook 200x300 Healing the mind and the heart

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I got lost again.  This time maybe not for several months, just about a month.  So first my apologies to those that come here and expect to find something new to read, and then to those,that have given up, well I apologize that did’t get anything new, and have probably given up, so aren’t reading this anyway.  So first things first, why is this post called healing the mind?  Well for many reasons.  First and foremost I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the events of December 14 in Newton CT.  It is something that has affected everyone, not only because of the heinousness of the crime, but because of the fact the majority of the victims were children. It offends the senses, the mind and our sensibilities.  It’s just too hard to comprehend.

One of the hardest parts about the whole thing to me is how the event is playing out in the media.  We have seen the list of names, the ages, and heard the stories of teacher Victoria Soto, and principal principal Dawn Hochsprung, who gave their own lives to protect those of the students, and the other countless teachers who thought quickly so as save lives, and put the welfare of these children above their own.  I could take the time to list the name of each and every child who won’t open an Christmas present in 8 days because of tragedy, or get to celebrate the end of Hanukkah or Kwanzaa  (please forgive I I have forgotten any holiday’s), but I won’t.  They will always be remembered.

I also won’t mention the name of the gunman, as you can turn to any media outlet to see his name.  I won’t debate the discussion of Gun Control, as all the guns were legally purchased by his mother (an avid gun collector apparently), or debate the status of mental health care in the United States.  The time for those debates will come, and will be rough, and contentious, and will be a battleground of balancing personal freedoms to safety.

Now is just the time to reflect, and heal.  As parents our goal is for our children o have better lives than we did, to have more, grow more, be better than we are, we all want that.  So I can only imagine the pain that the parents of the children lost on Friday feel.  So I try not to obsess, but feel sad, and maybe a bit angry.  I also have to remember that life continues, and will continue, no matter the day, the time or the struggle.