What Does a Car Rental Cost Your Family on Vacation?

By | November 1, 2012

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If you plan on taking a trip outside of your home, there may be a good chance that you’re going to rent a car, especially if you’re going to fly there. Well, if you haven’t rented a car before or maybe it’s been so long since you have done so, you may need a refresher course to help you learn the ropes of what a rental car is truly going to cost you.

To help you get a better perspective on what a car rental is going to cost, here are some numbers that you will more than likely see:

The Cost of a Rental Car

On average, a rental car cost will widely vary depending on the type of car that you want. For example, a simple four-door sedan is going to be a lot cheaper than renting a larger mini-van. Other factors that you will have to include will be the car agency you’re renting from, your geographical location and any promotions that they have running at the time. What you’re going to find is that the typical car rental costs are going to be anywhere between $10 and $50 per day. Again, if you want a precise number, it’s best to check larger car rental company websites such as CarRentals.com.

Don’t Forget About These Extra Costs

If you’re on a strict budget, what you’re going to find is that you’re going to pay more than just the daily stipend. Of course, there are going to be other extra costs that you’re going to have to keep in mind. These extra costs are going to include your age, the extra fees for the gas you’re going to use, the insurance you have to supply and if you’re renting from an airport, your charges may be more.

What you’re going to find is that younger drivers under 25 will typically pay upwards of 40% more. The same can be said with an airport location. If you want to truly save, try to rent either from a location further away from the airport or consider placing the primary driver on the bill that is over 25.

How to Start Saving

Saving your money on a car rental can be easy if you know what you’re doing. Some of the easiest ways to save money can include looking for coupon codes, promotions, talking with your insurance company ahead of time to avoid using theirs and again, renting outside of the airport. Also, if you have a savings card such as the AAA card, this can help you save a significant amount too.

Since there are so many factors involved, you will find that it’s best to budget at least $15 per day. While the costs can reach as high as $50 per day, it’s fairly rare. No matter where you go, if you plan to budget that amount, you should be able to afford a rental car for your situation.

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